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Factory and main warehouse

VIKING ESD and technical furniture manufacturing site is located in Europe and occupies the territory of over 6.000 square meters. In metal cutting area, painting zone and woodshops antistatic and technical furniture is produced, then processed in assembling and packing sections and stored in a spacious warehouse.

We constantly monitor manufacturing process and quality of our products on all stages, which is acknowledged by ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems certificate. Being a member of IEC committee for ESD, we adjust engineering and manufacturing processes according to latest requirements of IEC 61340 standard.


Almost 20 years ago, knowing customers’ needs and requirements, DIPAUL company started manufacturing modular workstations for electronics devices assembly under VIKING technical and ESD furniture brand. We were developing new technologies and using modern materials to manufacture antistatic furniture, which by now resulted in becoming one of the leading producer of ESD workbenches, storage units and additional equipment for electronic industry manufacturers.


Today VIKING technical and ESD furniture brand offers a wide range of different modular workstations, ESD storage and transportation furnishing solutions, and a range of antistatic equipment.

VIKING technical furniture is distinguished by:

·        Wide range of functional, convertible and interchangeable modules for each particular employee;

·        Adjustment, layout and customization according to clients’ specific needs; 

·        Possibility of modernization and refitting after the purchase;

·        Strict compliance with the international antistatic standard IEC 61340.