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Workbenches series

VIKING technical and ESD (anitistatic) workbenches products range includes a wide line of functional, convertible and interchangeable modules for each particular enterprise.

To facilitate configuration and simplify different elements choosing, our customers are welcomed to use CONFIGURATOR, our online service which helps to interactively select all necessary workbench parts and type. We offer most of out workbenches in 2 versions:technical and ESD (antistatic). After choosing required options and elements one can place an order to any of our distributors directly on the website or print the individual set and use the picture and the list of modules to buy workbench later.

In addition, we can always manufacture customized workbenches both in technical and ESD version and are confident of our ability meet customer's individual requirements so that they are able to buy featured workbench they needed.

New Classic Light serie

Multipurpose workstation for those seeking a simple and cost-effective solution to equip production areas that do not demand increased load capacities and specific technological requirements.

ALLIANCE workbenches

Alliance workbenches are distinguished by elegant design, advanced ergonomics and convenient system of height adjustment.

CLASSIC workbenches

Workplaces are simple, functional and inexpensive. They can be placed in a line with no gaps for conveyor work.

New Verstak Grand heavy-duty workbenches

Verstak Grand heavy-duty workbenches designed to work in a standing position and feature reinforced structure that can withstand a distributed load of up to 4409 lb.

ALLIANCE AUTOMATIC electric adjustable workbenches

Alliance automatic electric adjustable workbenches are distinguished by elegant design, advanced ergonomics and motorized worktop adjustment system.