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Workplaces additional equipment

Storage, support and translocation solutions creating ergonomic working area:

  • Computer and monitor supports;
  • Instruments and storage bins holders;
  • Electropanel accessories;
  • Grounding units;
  • Local lighting;
  • Movable supports;
  • etc.
Monitor support

Adjusting support helps to save space on the tabletop.

Drafts holders

Metal plate is used for drafts holding

Movable computer case support

9"×6"×19" support helps to move the computer case around the area.

Movable drawer unit support

Movable drawer unit support is an additional unit that helps to turn stationary drawer units and cabinets into movable ones.

Suspended computer case support

Dimensions 9"×19"×18" when folded, can be adjusted by screws. Suitable for any VIKING workbench.

Wheels set for Classic and Universal workbench

Supports and wheels for Classic and Universal types of workbench

Perforated Panel accessories

Hooks and holders for perforated panel.

Under-shelf LED lighting

Local LED lighting

Metal keyboard support

Telescoping metal support saves space on the tabletop.